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Past Performance

With an established track record dating back to 1996, Global Com has been serving high-profile corporate and government organizations, completing their wiring and connectivity projects at competitive prices and an exceptional level of quality.

Department of Homeland Security, Chief Administrative Office

Prime contract-holder Unicor Industries, awarded Global Com a design-build subcontract to install all the passive IT infrastructure for newly built Continuity of Operations (CoOP) site at a classified location on the east coast. The project included:

  • Designing, engineering, and installing the cable plant for 160 end-users which included 18 strands of fiber and 4 Cat 5e cables per workstation
  • Providing four separate security level networks for each individual work station
  • Procuring and installing all rack-mounted hardware for two network LAN rooms and a separate voice equipment room
  • A Video-Teleconferencing (VTC) conference room capable of providing meetings from Secret to Top Secret

Washington Headquarter Services at Mark Center (BRAC 133)

Global Com introduced Washington Headquarters Services to the Interceptor™ Optical Network Security System as a cost saving solution for their Protective Distribution System (PDS) requirements. As a subcontractor to Lockheed Martin, Global Com also provided support for the installation of the Interceptor™ and the PDS accreditation process. This support included:

  • CONOPS planning, writing, and approval
  • Development of an Alarm Response Plan, including zone plan manuals
  • Configuration of Interceptor units
  • Training of alarm monitors and responders
  • Implementation of alarm-monitoring applications
  • A five-year maintenance contract for the Interceptor Units

Dumbarton Oaks Research Library and Collection
(an institute of Harvard University)

When Dumbarton Oaks needed to increase the bandwidth from Verizon to their data center they contracted directly with Global Com. We provided a turn-key solution to install an outside plant conduit bank between the Verizon manhole and the customer data center (approximately a quarter mile) and then pulled in higher capacity cable to achieve the desired results. This effort included:

  • Saw-cutting existing brick/concrete sidewalks
  • Removal of debris
  • Provision of backfill
  • Restoration of sidewalks after the installation of conduits
  • Full management of vehicle and foot traffic
  • Coordination of various utilities
  • Installation of PVC conduits

U.S. Customs and Border Protection

Upon completion of a brand new building in Washington DC for CBP, it was discovered that there was no infrastructure in place to allow for connection of communication services. In an effort that was extremely time sensitive, Verizon contracted Global Com to install (4) four-inch conduits to connect Verizon services within the building.  As part of this project, Global Com successfully:

  • Secured building permits and the Environmental Impact Form per DC codes
  • Secured the property survey and marked areas to be disturbed for Miss Utility
  • Saw-cut concrete sidewalk, and removed and disposed of debris as needed
  • Removed slab pavers and provided handholds to the exterior underground wall at the P1-level mechanical room/vault
  • X-rayed and marked the outside wall at the P1-level vault to verify location for six-inch core holes for entry into designated vault
  • Installed a series of four-inch Schedule 40 PVC conduits from handhold to within the P1-level vault
  • Installed a “Link Seal” Modular System at each conduit penetration, and flashing for a complete waterproof solution
  • Encased all four-inch conduits in a minimum of two inches of concrete for the entire underground pathway
  • Backfilled trench with gravel and dirt, and repaired concrete sidewalk
  • Reinstalled any disturbed pavers to return all sidewalks to pre-construction condition

Department of Homeland Security – Civil Rights Civil Liberties (CRCL)

As part of a consolidation effort, DHS planned to move the office of CRCL into the same facility as the DHS CIO.  This move required the installation of new infrastructure which could accommodate one unclassified network, one secret-level network, and one top-secret level network. This project called for the following:

  • (225) DHS Option1 Unclassified workstations
  • (7) DHS Option 4 Classified Workstations
  • (1) Unclassified LAN room build out
  • (1) Classified LAN room build out
  • Unclassified backbone cables to the DHS 3rd floor suite
  • Protective Distribution System (PDS) and classified backbone cables to the DHS 3rd floor suite
  • (25) UTP CATV drops and related hardware
  • (4) Unclassified VTC systems to include:
    • (1) large divisible training facility and (1) Secure VTC (SVTC)

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