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Community Outreach

OFP LogoGlobal Com finds many ways to give back to our community.  We are proud supporters of Operation First Response, which is a bridge that enables Veterans to exist during the extensive VA claim process. We have made the conscious decision to support those that make this country one of the greatest nations in the world by supporting the efforts of OFR they enlisted of their own free will to defend us and our families. This is our opportunity to put words into actions when we say that we ‘Support the Troops’



Global Com is proud to sponsor Adil Bhatti, a highly talented member of the US National Cricket Team in the ICC World Cricket League Division Three.  We wish Adil and the US Team huge success for the 2015 season.

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Adil Bhatti, professional Cricket player (left) and Greg Bramham, Vice President Global Com, (right) celebrating New Sponsorship Agreement.

For more information about Adil, and the US Team 2015 Schedule, please visit his website: here.